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Tree Lopping?

There are Many reasons are behind this, including safety and aesthetics, opening up views, allowing more light, and reducing property damage. There are many valid reasons for all of these. Most people are unaware of proper tree care, so topping or lopping causes more damage and makes trees unhealthy and potentially more dangerous 


The wounds created by lopping trees allow decay-causing organisms into the tree, which can lead to your tree rotting from within.

 The leaves of a tree are removed, leaving the bark exposed to sunburn, creating wounds for fungi and pests to enter.

The new shoots that form around a topping cut are epicormic shoots,which stem from buds in the bark. They are only attached to the bark, so when they grow large, they are highly susceptible to peel off.


Topping a tree requires little knowledge of tree care, in fact anyone with a saw can do it. Tree service operators who are ignorant of proper tree pruning practices really are amateurs, that have no regard for customers long term safety.

Whats The Alternative To Hiring A

Tree Lopper?

The answer is simple. Hire a qualified Sunshine Coast Arborist for advice on all your trees needs, starting with proper plant selection and tree placement. 


Every 12 months, have your trees inspected so defects can be addressed before they become a problem. Make sure your trees are inspected after severe weather events to prevent damage that is not visible. 


Arborists are often called tree surgeons or tree doctors. There are two types of arborists: consulting arborists and practicing arborists. The main function of consulting arborists is to do tree inspections and tree reports as well as provide advice on tree health and tree care, similarly to what a doctor would do for a patient. 


The practicing arborist is trained in tree climbing, tree pruning, tree surgery,rigging, tree cutting, tree felling among many other things.

Our Sunshine Coast Tree Services Include:

Whats The Alternative To Hiring A

Tree Lopping?

There are more creative and respectful ways to prune trees than to cut them down. The size, height, or width of some species can be reduced with proper reduction pruning. The canopy of a tree can also be thinned to allow more light or open views without compromising its structural integrity. 


If you really don’t like your tree, then you can just remove it entirely, which is your last resort. Be sure to check your local Council regulations before undertaking tree removal as there are severe penalties for unlawful damage to or removal of significant tree species. 


Please click here to be directed to Sunshine Councils Tree Removal Policy and here for Sunshine Coast Councils Tree Removal Application Form.