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Elite Tree Company offers a wide range of tree care services in the Eumundi area of the Sunshine Coast, including;


Tree Pruning – As the winter months draw to a close, your trees might show signs of dying or dead branches, which indicate a need to prune them. We at Elite Tree Company provide high-end pruning services to enhance your tree’s health and promote its growth.

Tree Lopping – Tree lopping is different from tree pruning. The purpose of lopping is to reduce a tree’s branches if they are causing a problem. While lopping is not healthy for a tree, Elite Tree Company will make sure that we lop your trees in a way that does not harm them.

Tree Removal – A tree removal may be the only option to eliminate hazards or ensure the safety of people on your property. For example, a tall tree that is standing alone may be struck by lightning. A tree can be removed by Elite Tree Company in a controlled and safe manner, regardless of its size.

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Tree Risk Assessments

Elite Tree Company will come to your property and conduct a thorough tree risk assessment if you are concerned about the health of your trees or if you fear a tree will fall on a person or building. Our assessment will be followed by a recommendation on the best course of action to take.

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Land Clearing

Are you planning on building or extending your property? Our company will completely clear your land if it is occupied by trees, bushes, shrubs, rocks, or stumps.

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Stump Removal

Tree stumps that are firmly anchored to the ground can be a nuisance, especially if they block your garden or your property’s structure. Elite Tree Company has all the necessary equipment to grind down stumps or remove them entirely—roots and all.  We can take care of any stump, regardless of its size or location.