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Stump Removal Sunshine Coast is a service we’ve been offering for more than 20 years. Elite Tree Company provides professional stump removal services for residents and businesses within Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas. At Elite Tree Company we also provide advice on what to do so that you can avoid any inconvenient problems that generally occur when it comes to removing the body of the tree.

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Sunshine Coast Stump Removal

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Our Elite Tree Company team offers you the best option for Stump removal on the Sunshine Coast. Tree stumps on your property can limit the potential of your outdoor space, cause tripping hazards and can introduce harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi into your garden.  

Elite Tree Company Stump Grinding have the knowledge, equipment and skill to quickly and effortlessly remove any tree stump, whatever the size, from your property. We always remove stumps to at least six inches below the surface. We can then fill the remaining cavity with soil or mulch. It will be as if the stump never existed.

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