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Elite Tree Company provide tree pruning and trimming services across Sunshine Coast region and hinterland. Regardless of the size, shape, or location of your trees, we can ensure that the job is done correctly and safely through our years of experience, quality equipment and rigorous training.

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Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping

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Sometimes, trees have overgrown branches, are damaged after a storm, or infested with a disease. If that is the case, heavy branches are no longer safe and can potentially create a risk for your home, cause damage to your property or hurt you and your family. But don’t worry if you notice a sick or damaged tree in your backyard, Elite Tree Company is just one call away! Our tree services on the Sunshine coast make sure that you can rest assured that all dangerous branches get removed properly.

We love trees and know how to prune them the right way to keep them healthy and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

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